Gaji-Labo Inc.

Corporate Site for BtoB Company (6 mos)

  • Redesigned and refactored the corporate site, achieving a significant boost in user experience.
  • Developed a high-performance project from scratch using Next.js.
  • Designed the blog, internationalization, contact form, and IR features, optimizing each component and impressing the client to expand the team.

BtoB and BtoC Application for Equipment Rental (3 mos)

  • Implemented UI markup with Material UI, resulting in a visually appealing interface.
  • Defined API interfaces via OpenAPI, leading to expedited REST API development with backend engineers.
  • Conducted E2E testing using Cypress, ensuring application robustness.
  • Optimized React code for UI rendering, improving application efficiency especially for large lists.

Landing Page Site for BtoB Company (3 mos)

  • Refactored a 100+ page landing site, enhancing functionality.
  • Transitioned the codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript, improving developer collaboration.
  • Conducted visual regression tests via BackstopJS, ensuring a smooth codebase transition.
  • Improved Core Web Vital scores by 10 points on average, significantly boosting SEO.

BtoB company event application (4 mos)

  • Developed a modern web application using Next.js, Firebase Authentication, and Firestore.
  • Employed vanilla-extract, enhancing CSS management with TypeScript.
  • Built and documented a system for non-engineers to enter and edit data directly
  • Optimized React code and updated Firebase SDK, achieving better performance and maintainability.

Dashboard application to display carbon dioxide usage (2 mos)

  • Customized Chart.js to provide a unique UI
  • Implementation of table components to display data with complex structures
  • Collaborate with client's designers based on Atomic design to ensure seamless integration of design and development

In-house corporate website (3 mos)

  • Led technology selection, data migration from NetlifyCMS to DatoCMS, and migration to Next.js, completed almost single-handedly
  • Automatically generated GraphQL API types for CMS to improve maintainability and developer experience and speed up website updates
  • Built a UI Testing Workflow with Storybook and Chromatic
  • Increased core web vital performance by 10-15 points, improving website loading speed

Mobile gaming event website (2 mos)

  • Built unique UI components such as voice chat and quizzes using React and CSS modules (SCSS) for new events
  • The event was a success with no glitches and received high praise from the client

Alterbo Inc.

Web application to manage airport users (1y 1m)

  • Responsible for front-end development using React, Redux, and TypeScript, enhancing user and flight search functionality.
  • Developed a Web API with Java and assisted backend.
  • Implemented a system that centralized and digitized customer data, dramatically enhancing airline staff productivity.