Kimizu Yamasaki | +1 (236) 668-6717 | Vancouver, BC, Canada | |


  • Languages: TypeScript, JavaScipt, HTML, CSS, Java
  • Technologies: React, Next.js, Gatsby, Node.js, Webpack, ESLint, Stylelint, Prettier, REST API, GraphQL, GraphQL Code Generator, emotion, styled-components, vanilla-extract, framer-motion, i18next, Storybook, Chromatic, Cypress, BackstopJS, OpenAPI, Redux, Chart.js, Highcharts, Material UI, Sass/SCSS, tailwindcss
  • Tools: Cypress, Jest, Figma, Storybook, git, Firebase, Zeplin, Vercel, Netlify, Hygraph, DatoCMS, Sanity, WordPress


Gaji-Labo Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) | Front-end Developer | Apr 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 yr 10 mos)

At Gaji-Labo, I participated in several projects with development periods ranging from one to six months, significantly improving user experience and site performance through various front-end technologies. In the corporate site project, I spearheaded a redesign, achieving enhanced user experience. For the equipment rental app, I executed front-end tasks, optimizing the UI and expediting REST API development with backend engineers. In the landing page project, I transitioned the codebase to TypeScript and improved Core Web Vital scores, boosting SEO significantly. Lastly, in the event app project, I led the UI design conversion and React codebase maintenance, enabling better performance and maintainability.

Alterbo Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) | System Engineer | Feb 2019 - Mar 2020 (1 yr 2 mos)

During my tenure at Alterbo, I delivered a web application project to manage airport user data, where I led front-end development using React, Redux, and TypeScript to enhance user and flight search functionality. Additionally, I developed a Web API with Java and assisted the backend, implementing a system that centralized and digitized customer data, which dramatically enhanced airline staff productivity. Through this project, I exhibited my full-stack development capabilities, ensuring a seamless user experience and better data management for airport personnel.

PROJECTS (Note: The projects listed below are representative examples. See my project history)

Gaji-Labo Inc.

Corporate Site for BtoB Company (6 mos)

  • Achieved a significant boost in user experience by redesigning and refactoring the corporate site, and developing a high-performance project from scratch using Next.js.
  • Impressed the client by designing the blog, internationalization, contact form, and IR features, leading to team expansion.

BtoB and BtoC Application for Equipment Rental (3 mos)

  • Enhanced visual appeal and expedited REST API development by implementing UI markup with Material UI and defining API interfaces via OpenAPI.
  • Ensured application robustness through E2E testing using Cypress, and improved application efficiency by optimizing React code for UI rendering.

Landing Page Site for BtoB Company (3 mos)

  • Enhanced functionality and developer collaboration by refactoring a 100+ page landing site and transitioning the codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • Boosted SEO significantly by improving Core Web Vital scores by 10 points on average, and ensured a smooth codebase transition through visual regression tests via BackstopJS.

Alterbo Inc.

Web application to manage airport users (1y 1m)

  • Led front-end development using React, Redux, and TypeScript to enhance user and flight search functionality, and developed a robust app with test-driven development using Jest.
  • Dramatically enhanced airline staff productivity by implementing a system that centralized and digitized customer data, and partially developed Web API using Java to support the back-end.


July vocational school (Tokyo, Japan) | Web & Game Development Bootcamp | May 2015 - Oct 2015

Ehime University (Ehime, Japan) | Bachelor of Economics | Apr 2010 - Mar 2015